Thermostat Housing
Engine Valve Cove
Intake Manifold
Expansion Tanks
Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

EGR Valve
Secondary Air Pump
Oil Cooler
Blower Resistor
Heater Valve
Throttle Body
Ignition Coil
Nitrogen Oxygen Sensor
Headlight Leveling Sensor
Oxygen Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Brake Light Switch
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Mass Air Flow Sensor
Oil Pressure Switch
ABS Sensor
Auxlliary Water Pump

Oil Pressure Switch

The Oil Pressure Switch monitors how many PSI your oil system is running and sends out a signal. A single vehicle can have more than one oil pressure sending unit. In older vehicles the Oil Pressure switch sends a signal to a gauge or light.

Oil pressure switch-the normal closed circuit keeps the oil pressure warning/check gauges lamp on until there is oil pressure.

To test the normally closed oil lamp circuit, disengage the locking connector and measure the resistance between the switch terminal (terminal for the wire to the warning lamp) and the metal housing. The ohmmeter should read 0 ohms.